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(Polski) XVII Misterium za nami…

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Let’s get started!

Our final preparations to the 17th Passion of Christ started today at 7 AM sharp with a Holy Mass in the chapel of Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Basilica. We are all set up! Kitchen makes delicious sandwiches, the office distributes pass cards and ID cards, the security section works in the field, artistic chaos […]

17th Passion of Christ

Niedziela Palmowa 9 kwietnia 2017r. godz. 16:00 i 20:00


  Passion of Christ is staged in the Fordon Valley of Death situated on the border of Chełmno Landscape Park and Vistula Landscape Park. This naturally shaped terrain is perfect for watching and listening to the Passion from each angle and it guarantees very good reception. •   In order to get to the very […]